Community Hearth Project 2012

St Lawrence, Hippoi Athanatoi, 2012

Been thinking this year’s community hearth event might go something like this…..

1.         Working with a team of interested Waikato Society of Potters members, we will make a herd of large horses and fire them in multiple performance kilns one evening at the premises of WSP.  Friends and family will be invited to join us and experience the ‘reveal’ of the red hot glowing sculptures once dark.

The guests will be encouraged to join us around the fire for a meal and camaraderie until the final spectacle.

Members of the project team will be actively involved in four ways:

Firstly, they will each make a large horse sculpture designed along the lines of those in the southern Indian village, Pudukottai.  The horses will ideally be between 1 – 1.5m high.

Secondly, they will help build the ceramic fibre kilns and brick fire boxes; similar to the one designed by Peter Lange for the firing of adam.

Thirdly, the team will design, plan, organise and promote the event to family and friends and Waikato news media to raise the profile of the Society.

Lastly, all members of the team will help manage the event and fire the kilns on the performance night.

2.         To document the event in the way of a book and/or documentary film that aims to stimulate a discourse about the role of ceramics in contemporary community experience.  Project team members are welcome to get involved in this part of the project too.


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