The date is set for the next Community Hearth event! 

On Saturday 27th October my students and I will fire our large sculptures in the courtyard of the Waikato Society of Potters in Hamilton.  Friends, family and supporters are invited to experience the sense of occasion, camaraderie and excitement as the team tend the performance kilns during the day and reveal the fiery hot sculptures after sundown.

This is the third community hearth firing; the first two were in Auckland last year and undertaken as part of my Bachelor of Visual Arts degree at Unitec.  For some reason I developed an inclination to make a very large sculpture and fire it outside on a firebox with the help of a few friends.  It seemed a shame to waste such a good hot fire so fellow students, ceramists, friends and family were invited along to bask in the halo of the fire and hold their breaths whilst the 2.5m high statue of ‘adam’ was finally revealed at a glowing temperature of 1200 degrees.

The sculptures won’t be quite so big this year, but there will be more of them.

Over a 10 week period, each student on the course will make their own statue based on the design of the terracotta horses of South India.  They will learn to build a firebox and construct ceramic fibre kilns which will house three to four horses each.  Using their experience, networks and creativity, the team will not only raise funds for the project, but design, organise and run the community hearth event on the 22ndSeptember.  Already word has got around and musicians, a teenage Shakespeare troupe and a dance company have put their hands up to entertain the gathering.  WSP members will be invited to put out work for sale so guests can start their Christmas shopping early.

The course starts on the 16th July, and runs for 10 weeks, Monday evenings, 6.30-9:30pm.  The community hearth firing on Saturday, 27th October will be an all day event, with the sculptures revealed after sundown.

All levels of experience welcome to sign up.  People who wish to help on the day of the firing are also welcome, there will be lots of roles to fill – potluck food organiser, marketplace coordinator, film director, entertainment coordinator, event hostess/host (to ensure visitors feel at ease and welcome), etc, etc.

You can ring or email WSP and register your interest or  07 838 1950.


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