Community Hearth_Horse

My horse from the Hamiltion community hearth firing was selected for the annual Auckland Studio Potters exhibition, Fire and Clay.   Can’t quite believe it, but Horse is now part of the James Wallace Art Trust collection and will reside at Pah Homestead.  A dream come true.

Interior Landscape. You can’t see the various pieces of work potters from WSP contributed to the interior landscape of the horse. People from the community hearth team, from the Play With Clay class, other WSP potters-in-residence, friends etc, all put in little bits of ceramic work into the interior vitrine, to add to the rich story of this horse.

Horse at the Auckland Studio Potters annual exhibition, Fire and Clay, held at the James Wallace Arts Trust property, Pah Homestead, Hillsborough, Auckland.


Community Hearth_Horses at Gateway Gallery

Today we installed four of the Community Hearth horses at Diane Parker’s gallery, Gateway Ceramics, Kaipaki Rd, Waikato.

We think they look lovely standing hoof-deep in clover; and hopefully a few more of the CH horses will join them during the week.  It’s a nice completion to the project to have them on show, although there will be a ‘lessons learnt’ session by the team and also a slide presentation to the WSP on members’ night, 18th December.

Community Hearth horses at Gateway Ceramics Gallery

Susan St Lawrence with the Community Hearth horse maquette


Sandra Quintal’s ‘Little Pony’

Elsa Lye’s ‘The Tron’

Yvette Phillips’ ‘Henry’

Community Hearth_4 sleeps to go

Too many photos to download at the moment but all is coming together really well.  The fireboxes are built, as are the fibre kilns; the wood has been cut (mammoth task!).  Thursday 25th sees the horses installed on the fireboxes and the kilns assembled around them.  Big, and fraught job.  Friday 26th will be a candle firing to dry out the bricks and drive off and residual water in the clay.  Saturday is the big day!  Only 4 more sleeps to go.  (PROVIDED THE WEATHER IS FABOURABLE.  We can’t fire if the Westerly wind is too strong, or if it’s heavy rain.  Will fire on the Sunday or the next weekend if we need to.)

Linda Ryder, Elsa Lye, Bev McKenzie, Chris Fairley, Susan St Lawrence, Mark Trail, Linda MacLachlan, Sandra Quintal, Yvette Phillips.

Firing Programme

General To Do List

Saturday 20th. Count down begins.

Monday 22nd. Wood cutting day plus the rest.

Wednesday 25th collect Niki from airport; Thursday 26th install horses on fireboxes; Friday 27th candle firing.

Saturday 27th, The Community Hearth firing.






Community Hearth_on facebook

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Potters’ Community Hearth Projects

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Sandra Quintal 

Elsa Lye

Lynnda MacLachlan

Mark Trail

Linda Ryder

Yvette Phillips

Other people who have recently joined the team to learn about firebox and fibre kiln building are Bev McKenzie, Chris Fairley and Tanya.  Rae Lye and Duncan Ryder have also helped out with the firebox building, kiln making and wood chopping.

Bev McKenzie & Chris Fairley

Community Hearth Wk 13


Linda’s Filly made the move.

The empty banding wheel proves it.

Sandra’s Pony Next


Oh my gosh, it feels so strange for this space to open up again after three months of occupation by the herd.   All ready for the next creative project to come along.

Empty studio!

The horses’ temporary paddock at Lye Farm

Horses in Waiting


Everyone gathered at Elsa’s gorgeous studio (a converted Scout hall) 6km out of town.   The making of the fibre kilns took two shots but they were finished this evening (8th October).  Have a look at the posts Kiln and Firebox Discussions I,  II and III for more details.

Lye Farm: the firing site in paddock just beyond cars; studio to the right.

Third fibre kiln finished!!!

We took a well earned break to dine and discuss plans for the next busy phase – brick cutting, firebox building, wood collecting, cutting and stacking, raffle fundraising at WSP Open Day on the 13th, horse set-up on kilns, and of course – FIRING DAY on the 27th!

LtoR: Chris, Bev, Mark, Yvette, Lynnda.

LtoR: Mark, Yvette, Sandra, Lynnda, in Elsa’s gorgeous studio.

Community Hearth Wk 12


Three Moves in One Day!!!!  Almost too much for the nerves.


Susan moves Henry for Yvette



Linder Rider moves Big Boy



Mark Trail moves his horse (nicknamed Nightmare)



The horses were very carefully driven out to the Lye Farm and put in a room with a dehumidifier so that they will be properly dry for the firing day.

Horses drying out at the firing site.