Community Hearth_on facebook

If you have friends and family who use Facebook, here is the link to the this project’s photo albums there:

Potters’ Community Hearth Projects

Please ask your friends and family to ‘like’ the community hearth facebook page – once we get 30 ‘likes’, we get a short URL address (which makes it easier for people to find us on google) and also the ability to get statistical information about the page.  Thanks.

Sandra Quintal 

Elsa Lye

Lynnda MacLachlan

Mark Trail

Linda Ryder

Yvette Phillips

Other people who have recently joined the team to learn about firebox and fibre kiln building are Bev McKenzie, Chris Fairley and Tanya.  Rae Lye and Duncan Ryder have also helped out with the firebox building, kiln making and wood chopping.

Bev McKenzie & Chris Fairley


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