Community Hearth Wk 13


Linda’s Filly made the move.

The empty banding wheel proves it.

Sandra’s Pony Next


Oh my gosh, it feels so strange for this space to open up again after three months of occupation by the herd.   All ready for the next creative project to come along.

Empty studio!

The horses’ temporary paddock at Lye Farm

Horses in Waiting


Everyone gathered at Elsa’s gorgeous studio (a converted Scout hall) 6km out of town.   The making of the fibre kilns took two shots but they were finished this evening (8th October).  Have a look at the posts Kiln and Firebox Discussions I,  II and III for more details.

Lye Farm: the firing site in paddock just beyond cars; studio to the right.

Third fibre kiln finished!!!

We took a well earned break to dine and discuss plans for the next busy phase – brick cutting, firebox building, wood collecting, cutting and stacking, raffle fundraising at WSP Open Day on the 13th, horse set-up on kilns, and of course – FIRING DAY on the 27th!

LtoR: Chris, Bev, Mark, Yvette, Lynnda.

LtoR: Mark, Yvette, Sandra, Lynnda, in Elsa’s gorgeous studio.


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