Community Hearth_Kiln + firebox discussion III

The fibre kilns are completed!!

The least pleasant task of the project has been completed.  Ceramic fibre is not very nice stuff – very much like fibreglass insulation bats.  You need lots of protective clothing, gloves, masks and barrier cream to stop the small fibre hairs itching your skin.

However, with a process in place and protective clothing on, the task can be completed with relative ease.  Especially if there is only one kiln to build.  Bit tough having to do three!!

A couple of more people joined us at this stage to learn about  the kiln and firebox building process – Bev McKenzie and Chris Fairly.  The extra hands certainly came in handy.  Big thanks also to Ray Lye for helping out with the spot welding.  It is not normally needed, wire is fine for tying the walls together, but it helps with cost efficiency if you can get a kiln out of one sheet of reinforcing mesh – made possible by Ray welding stray bits together to make up a roof etc.

It took a couple of sessions, but we got there!  Yay!  And it felt like a major milestone had been achieved.

Fibre kiln building instructions


Elsa and Linda measuring out the ceramic fibre.

Sandra checking the reinforcing mesh for size.

Buttoning fibre to reinforcing mesh walls

Third fibre kiln finished!!!

Community Hearth Team LtoR: Linda Ryder, Elsa Lye, Bev McKenzie, Chris Fairley, Susan St Lawrence, Mark Trail, Lynnda McLachlan, Sandra Quintal, and Yvette Phillips.






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