Community Hearth_Firebox and kiln discussion II

Size of the horses; this information helps with designing the size of the kilns and also with deciding which horses go into the kiln together.  There will be two kilns with 3 horses in each, and one kiln with 2 horses.

The other decision factor is that some of the participants work full time, so their horses will need to be set up on the fireboxes on a day they can be there.  Monday 22nd Oct is Labour Day holiday, so that works well for Linda, Mark and Lynnda.

That means on Thursday 25th, when we set up the next lot of horses in the kilns, Yvette, Sandra and myself will go in the second kiln, and Elsa and Yvette’s second horse will go in the small third kiln.


Elsa’s horse – 700L x 450D x 1200H

Linda’s horse 800L x 450W x 1220H

Lynnda’s filly: 580L x 400W x ?H

Mark’s horse: 760L x 470W x 1170H

Susan’s horse: 670L x 400W x 1200H

Kiln 1 will now be Linda, Mark and Lynnda; kiln 2 will be Susan, Sandra and Yvette

Kiln 3 is now only Elsa and Yvette’s second horse.

FIREBOX 1 + 2 PLAN:  1500W x 1550D  2nd firebox plan

FIREBOX 3: 1050 W x 1500 D small firebox plan

  • Firebox 1 & 2; 335 bricks + 66 soaps (bricks cut in half longways)
  • Firebox 3:  215 bricks + 44 soaps


  • Fibre kiln 1 & 2:  1500W x 1050D x 1220H.
  • Fibre kiln 3: 1050 Wx 1050D x 1220H.
  • Each kiln needs 3 boxes of fibre – there is 7m of fibre in each box, which costs $92 ie. the fibre for each kiln costs $276.00.

Calcs for fibre kilns



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