Community Hearth_Kiln and Firebox Discussions


Now that the horses are nearing their final size, the fireboxes and kilns can be designed.  Three of the team wish to ‘buy’ a kiln each so that they can own it and continue to use it after the community hearth firing.  This is a wonderful solution for our cashflow, but it does mean that the kiln has to be designed on a modular, easy-to-reassemble format.  The downside of this is that the kiln will not be bespoke for the horses.  Normally the kiln would follow the shape of the sculpture(s) inside to reduce waste space (less air to heat).  The air pockets above the horses haunches may mean that we’ll find it hard to reach 1200.   However, the kilns aren’t that big, so it might not be a problem.

What has been worked out so far is that the fibre kilns need to be 1400 wide by 1000 deep.

The 1400×1000 roof will need reinforcing rod across the top to keep it from sagging and to support the chimney.

The fireboxes (on which the fiber kilns will sit) need to be 1500 wide by 1500 deep.  We’ll make them about 10 courses high.

We still need to finalise where to put the chimney and place the horses so the flame doesn’t shoot straight through, taking the heat with it.

Possible placement of horses kilns 1 and 2

Possible placement of horses in kiln 3. If only 2 horses, the kiln can be smaller than the other two.

Thinking about the chimney and roof of fibre kiln.

Stoking ports and soaps of firebox. (yes, it does make sense to us).

Computing number of bricks needed for firebox.

Trial layout of firebox floor (which will be filled in of course).

Ember bed/ stocking ports will be on next level. Refer earlier sketch.

Trial firebox

Side view of trial firebox

Back view of trial firebox

Coming to grips with time.













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