Community Hearth Wk 9


Week 9 was fraught with technical challenges – coping with shrinking and warping bodies, wobbly legs, cracking across the back, heads that grew beyond the centre of gravity – and lots of artistic decision making.  The team bravely managed their anxieties and hung in there.  Not all the issues are resolved yet – we still need to tackle the legs – but everything else resolved itself with time.

Elsa balancing head

Mark in deep conversation with Horse about what surface treatment to give it.

Yvette finishing new head (after ‘center of gravity’ issue last week).

Yvette and Henry.


All important position marks to make reassembly on the kiln shelf easier.

Henry’s legs, glazed, ready for restablising.

Lynnda’s filly awaiting adjusted neck flange to counterbalance head. Legs removed for safety.

Sandra filling stress cracks with paper clay

Changed angle on neck join to correct balance of head.


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