Community Hearth Wk 10


The tea break was taken up with organising the FUNdraising night on Tuesday.  There’s been lots of support and donations and we were really looking forward to it, but not sure how many would turn up.  Fingers were well and truly crossed.

The rest of the night was spent working on the horses – Mark and Yvette glazed theirs; Elsa finished off The Tron’s face; Sandra, Linda, and Lynnda had a fairly frustrating night coming to grips with the eyes and muzzle.

Lynnda McLachlan working on filly’s head

Lynnda and Filly

Henry with his glaze on (legs removed for safety)

Linda Ryder and Big Boy

Susan St Lawrence checking out Big Boy

Big Boy

Sandra’s Pony with eye positions

Frustration building around ‘getting the eyes right’!

Eyes achieved, and Pony wrapped up for the night.

Elsa and The Tron


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