Community Hearth Wks 7

27 August 2012

I really admire this wonderful group of people;  each person is a delightful mixture of the ordinary and extraordinary, all there for different reasons and facing their own challenges both outside and inside the sculpture studio.  I’ve started to refer to this particular community hearth project as ‘the odyssey’.   Mainly because no matter whether the participants are experienced or inexperienced with clay, they’ve all had to deal with the emotional, physical and artistic trials of stepping into new territory – to continue to keep making through fluctuating levels of confidence about their work, to tackle quite tricky technical problems, to find personal resolve to turn up once or twice a week in spite of being tired from long days of work and caring for family.  A few even have severe osteoarthritis which makes standing on the studio concrete floor for 3 hours far from easy.  Everyone is just awesome.


Yvette getting the flick off.

Elsa’s maquette.


It mightn’t look much, but after spending ages trying to get it right, sometimes there’s nothing for it but to cut it off and start again!


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