Community Hearth Wk 8

03 September 2012

So many photos, so much progress!!  Everyone has finished the horse bodies and necks.  Now it’s on with their heads!  This is proving particularly tricky in some cases – getting proportions that feel right, and look right, for the sculpture.  It’s interesting how just a tweak of an angle or rounding out of a curve can change the overall emotion of the horse.


Linda starting the evening session early – not even sunset yet.

Linda tackling the jaw line and ear positions.

Mark finally breaking free of conventions. Dig those ears!


Lynnda starting the neck.

Sandra adding coil to neck.

Mark and Sandra. Linda in background.


Yvette. 6:52pm

Yvette and toppled head. 7:33pm.
Gotta watch that center of gravity!

Yvette. 7:50pm. After a cup of tea, starting again.

Yvette. 9:36pm

Yvette and Elsa. 9:40pm. Time to call it a day.

Mark packing up (for the night).

Sweet dreams.


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