Community Hearth Wk 1

Monday 16 July 2012

The Odyssey has begun!!

The group gathered for the first time on Monday 16th July, and an enthusiastic lot they are too.  We’ll get a group photo and post it as soon as I can get everyone to stay still long enough to take one.

They were given a plan of the horse; the first step being to make four slabbed legs.

The clay (Feeneys Buff Raku (BRT)) was slabbed and cut to a pattern before being rolled into the hollow cone to form the leg.   The cone’s edges were scratched and slipped before joining, then tooth ribbed smooth on the outside.  Leg and seam were paddled to compress and seal.   A small roll of clay was pressed down the inside seam to make sure it was sealed properly.

Plan for horse sculpture, 1.2m high

The leg was stood upside down (cling film wrapped around the thigh edge so the clay would remain soft enough to add a flange  at the beginning of the next class) and hooves added.

The leg was then left to stand with a newspaper tent over the top to prevent rapid drying.

Upside Down Legs


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