Lake Muse II


I’m doing the creativity games and exercises in Edward De Bono’s book ‘How to have Creative Ideas’, and along with a new sparky brain, it seems one also becomes more energised generally.  Well, that’s how I’m explaining away this unusual spurt of physical exercise I find myself doing….

This morning, stratus clouds ensured there was no frost, but it was bitter cold anyway.   Needed somewhere new to walk today so drove down to the Lake, and trusty camera in tow, headed off around the shore.

I met a woman walking her dogs the other day, and she reckoned she walked every day by the river or lake because it helped her feel that she was getting more for her Council rates than just her rubbish collected!  It’s true too.  The Council have done a fabulous job opening up the river and lake foreshore to people.  And it’s good to see so many folk and their kids and dogs taking advantage of the walkways.

I must admit though, that at first I thought the gloomy morning would mean a lack of photo opportunities; how wrong could I be.  The overcast skies actually added to the mystical atmosphere and some of the shots look like I’m in a remote backwater, not bustley old Hamilton.

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