Persimmon Birds Muse I

There’s a stunning persimmon tree outside my lounge.  The wax-eyes are so fat from gorging on the ripe fruit, they can hardly fly.  I love the sound of the birds seriously busy about their dining – there’s sparrows, starlings, miners, wax-eyes galore; and feeding on the fallen fruit, blackbirds.

I also love the pattern of the branch and fruit silhouettes against the stunning blue, frosty sky.  Wonder how I could incorporate it into my work?



Waxeye on Persimmon, Hamilton, NZ

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One thought on “Persimmon Birds Muse I

  1. -Hours of quality, life-enriching entertainment. Isn’t it a lovely thing to have the freedom to give to such moments Susan and I suspect they’ll speak to your work whether you’re cognisant or not. The photos are treasure too. 🙂

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