Ideas – the HORSE III

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Ideas – the HORSE   and   Ideas – the HORSE II

Finally finished the horse.  The joins are a bit shoddy; because  it was only a maquette, I didn’t take a lot of care with them.  Regret that now, as it has become a piece in its own right.  Will try to patch them once on the firebox.

Whilst making this piece, I’ve become clearer about the community hearth event – it’ll be called THE RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES, well actually no Valkyries, just their horses!!

Think a herd of them all fire bright and shooting flames out of nostril and eye would be a wonderful sight!  Now I just have to convince a group of mad potters to come along for the journey.

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4 thoughts on “Ideas – the HORSE III

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  2. I dont know if I qualify as a mad potter but Im in! I feel totally inadequate to even be considering attempting something like this… perhaps that does qualify me as mad 🙂

    Ive enjoyed watching the horse take shape. Enjoyed actually doesnt do justice to the excitement I have felt watching him take shape. I got a wee peek of him in one piece last week and I am just in awe!

    So yes please, count me in!

    My daughter just looked at him and said if he had a horn he would be a unicorn… kids huh!

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