POZIBLE crowdfunding Project: Community Hearth in the Outback

Get your credit card out folks!  the POZIBLE Crowdfunding website gives those of us who wish our donations go to creative endeavours, a vast range of options to choose from.  POZIBLE Crowdfunding Creativity

My particular choice is ceramic based of course.  Su  Brown has set herself a 3 year project of returning to the outback for 3 mths each year to teach the local Aborigines how to use a ceramic studio which was set up but abandoned many years ago.   She is teaching the townsfolk to throw and handbuild with the idea that the communal studio can become self funding through sales of their ceramics.  Talk about community hearth in action.

She needs to raise $900 within the next 50 days or she gets none of the already pledged $4,011.00.  You can donate anything from $1 up.  Have a look and see what you think.

Studio Ceramics at Wallace Rockwall, NT, Australia

Su Brown and student at Wallace Rockface_NT_Oz


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