Ideas – the HORSE III

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Finally finished the horse.  The joins are a bit shoddy; because  it was only a maquette, I didn’t take a lot of care with them.  Regret that now, as it has become a piece in its own right.  Will try to patch them once on the firebox.

Whilst making this piece, I’ve become clearer about the community hearth event – it’ll be called THE RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES, well actually no Valkyries, just their horses!!

Think a herd of them all fire bright and shooting flames out of nostril and eye would be a wonderful sight!  Now I just have to convince a group of mad potters to come along for the journey.

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POZIBLE crowdfunding Project: Community Hearth in the Outback

Get your credit card out folks!  the POZIBLE Crowdfunding website gives those of us who wish our donations go to creative endeavours, a vast range of options to choose from.  POZIBLE Crowdfunding Creativity

My particular choice is ceramic based of course.  Su  Brown has set herself a 3 year project of returning to the outback for 3 mths each year to teach the local Aborigines how to use a ceramic studio which was set up but abandoned many years ago.   She is teaching the townsfolk to throw and handbuild with the idea that the communal studio can become self funding through sales of their ceramics.  Talk about community hearth in action.

She needs to raise $900 within the next 50 days or she gets none of the already pledged $4,011.00.  You can donate anything from $1 up.  Have a look and see what you think.

Studio Ceramics at Wallace Rockwall, NT, Australia

Su Brown and student at Wallace Rockface_NT_Oz

Lake Muse

08.04.12, 17:12

Water and setting sun.  What a combination.  The colours are outrageous, and the ripples like paint-by-numbers.  And as for the Australian Coot’s feet!!  Best 35 minute walk.  Saw from my other photos of Lake Rotoroa that I visited here in July last year.  That’s when the idea of floating kilns on the water took shape.  Did some research into Floating Land and the Providence project.  Got a bit carried away and dreamed of doing a community hearth firing on Lake Rotoroa.  Ah well, we shall see!

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Ideas – the HORSE II

Had four pieces on the go – keeps me busy whilst waiting for one or other to dry enough for me to work on again.  Two Exposures: one torso, one full body; a small experimental porcelain Exposure; and the horse.

Basically started the horse on the 8th of March (see March blog Ideas, and April blog – Ideas – the HORSE  ), but with the trips to Auckland and all, didn’t get stuck into it until a week later.

I used a ruler a lot when making the four legs, making sure the circumference:height was the same on all four.  I became less staunch with the ruler once I reached the body; and it shows.  The shoulders and neck deviate from plan quite a bit and are not even.  The opening for the interior landscape threw my sense of balance; it was a time when I should have been more careful about measuring when in fact, I forgot about it.

The neck is most probably too small and I’ve flared it out a little to make it a 15cm diameter (although this is still 5cm less than planned in the drawing).  Time will tell whether my inattention to detail will cause further problems when starting the head.

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Ideas – the HORSE


Exploring the idea of the Pudukottai horse further (see March blog entry Ideas) – making a maquette to see if it could work in a larger scale.  Could be the focal point for the Community Hearth event, or even the workshop I’m running in May for the WSP members.  Found references to the horses in the book Coiling by Michael Hardy.  Not thinking of doing a 16 ft high one though!  Maybe 6 or 7 ft would suffice.



Drew the shape on to graph paper, each block of squares representing 10cm.  Then drew a grid on to the band wheel to give me a starting point.

Story continues in April blog Ideas – the HORSE II

River Muse III

01.04.12, 17:01

Went for a walk along the West Bank and then back down the East Bank, from one bridge to another.  Took me nearly an hour.  Physically exhausted but mentally refreshed.  The joggers, baby buggy walkers, bicycle riders weren’t plentiful but those I passed each seemed encased in their own river world too.  Must carry my better camera with me so the film clips I’ve taken are of better quality to share.  Watching a mallard duck preen and fall off a log is not everyone’s cuppa tea.  Amused and calmed me though.