Fly My Pretty

First month has been very bitsy, what with two extended trips back to Auckland during the month.  When I first came down, just to get my hands working, I started another ‘exposure’ piece; lots of ideas buzzing round my head as to the finishing and the possible interior landscape for it.

The feet are starting to come easier as I have made lots of them now; the hands are still a challenge.

It took my ages and several stabs at it as time allowed.  It usually takes me a couple of days to complete an Exposure, but this took me all month!  In the end I was very happy with it, I titled it Fly My Pretty.

Ah, but pride comes before a fall.  I’ve renamed it Splat My Pretty.  Shall use it as an experiment in rehydration and patching with paper clay.  It now moves from the catagory of ‘ideas’ to ‘process’.


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