Been haunting the central library and thinking of ways to get a handle on Hamilton.  Looking for ideas for the big firing at the end of the year.

The train has just chugged past the studio.  Love it.  The sound is so evocative, like a plane flying overhead at night.  I always wonder where it’s off to and who’s on board.

Hamilton is an agricultural town.  Maybe a ceramic cow?  Or horse, like the ones they make in the Indian village of Pudukottai for the deity Ayyanaar, who sits on his horse to protect the village.

Hamilton also has beautiful bridges; fairly old, one of white concrete arches with a Victorian feel; another one like mechano set.  Might be difficult to make a bridge kiln though.

Perhaps another person – Prometheus – this time would be pertinent?

Also have a mixed media installation idea brewing; been looking at Clare Twomey‘s work.  I so admire it.  Trophy; Monument; Temporary; Conscience/Consciousness.  (Clare is guest speaker at the Australian Ceramic Triennale, Adelaide, this September).  Can feel something brewing but so far the only image in my head is an empty gallery space!  Maybe in a couple of months I’ll be clearer about what to fill it with.

Did a little writing exercise “If I was Clare Twomey, what would drive my interest; what do I get the urge to investigate?”   Maybe…” Fragility of clay and it’s place in today’s world”?.

And me?  Think I’m more  ” …the new…the engager…building new audiences”.   Seems that I tend to not want to comment on what’s happening in the transition of ceramic arts today, but get people involved in the hope that it’ll generate some soft spot, or hot spot, in them about the potential of clay and ceramic expression.


3 thoughts on “Ideas

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