My Studio

Been here two weeks.  Well, one week technically because I have just returned from 5 days back in Auckland on various bits of business.  I’ve shuffled the furniture around in my cute studio apartment and, thankfully, love it.  The garden it over looks, is peaceful and the place is clean, fresh and refreshing to be in.  Very important that, liking the house you live in.

Luckily I love my studio at Waikato Studio Potters too!  I’ve managed to complete one sculpture, and that even though I’ve taken time to meet the members who drop by for classes or using the kilns.  There are 3 potters in residence – Yasmin Davis, Kathryn Mason and myself – seven classes a week, plus the Otago Polytech Ceramic Arts diploma class on Fridays.

Here’s a little photo tour of the WSP premises (the photos in the slide show should scroll through on their own).   The lunch room is inside the main doors and my studio just beyond that.   The teaching studio is to my left and the kiln & ware rack room to my right (will be nice and warm during winter).

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