Community Hearth_Firing Day_Video

Here is a short 9 minute video of the wonderful community hearth firing day.  It shows the team hard at work stoking the wood-fired performance kilns, the friends, family and supporters who came to participate in the day, and of course, the REVEAL!!  (If you don’t have 9 minutes to view it, just slide the cursor along to skip some of the images :-))


Community Hearth_Horse

My horse from the Hamiltion community hearth firing was selected for the annual Auckland Studio Potters exhibition, Fire and Clay.   Can’t quite believe it, but Horse is now part of the James Wallace Art Trust collection and will reside at Pah Homestead.  A dream come true.

Interior Landscape. You can’t see the various pieces of work potters from WSP contributed to the interior landscape of the horse. People from the community hearth team, from the Play With Clay class, other WSP potters-in-residence, friends etc, all put in little bits of ceramic work into the interior vitrine, to add to the rich story of this horse.

Horse at the Auckland Studio Potters annual exhibition, Fire and Clay, held at the James Wallace Arts Trust property, Pah Homestead, Hillsborough, Auckland.

Community Hearth_Horses at Gateway Gallery

Today we installed four of the Community Hearth horses at Diane Parker’s gallery, Gateway Ceramics, Kaipaki Rd, Waikato.

We think they look lovely standing hoof-deep in clover; and hopefully a few more of the CH horses will join them during the week.  It’s a nice completion to the project to have them on show, although there will be a ‘lessons learnt’ session by the team and also a slide presentation to the WSP on members’ night, 18th December.

Community Hearth horses at Gateway Ceramics Gallery

Susan St Lawrence with the Community Hearth horse maquette


Sandra Quintal’s ‘Little Pony’

Elsa Lye’s ‘The Tron’

Yvette Phillips’ ‘Henry’

Community Hearth_Photo Album

It takes AGES to sort through the photos and downsize them for this blog (facebook you can just download any size), so my lovely friend Nicola has put the photos on to a Picasa album with public access.    The photos are uncropped or adjusted, but will give you a feel for the great day we had.

Community Hearth Album on Picasa

And I’ve added some photos that Yasmin took…

Community Hearth Album_extra photos on Picasa


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Community Hearth_The BIG DAY!!

The week’s lead up to the big firing was intense – the wood chopping on Monday, putting the horses on the fireboxes on Thursday and low pre-firing on Friday.  So when Saturday morning dawned everyone was rearing to go.  We have some fabulous photos and videos of the day and over the next couple of weeks I will be filtering through them for the exhibition on the 11th, a presentation to WSP members and for this blog and facebook pages.  This takes a fair while as you can imagine so here’s a few photos to keep you happy till then!